NZNR – Napier v2.0


Handcrafted Airport- NZNR, Napier – North Island, New Zealand

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Add-on

  • 1900 + Hand placed objects
  • Scenery to Current Charts and Maps.
  • Custom Buildings, 4K textures and much more.



NZA Simulation’s freeware aims to be at a quality level that you can trust and may be better than alot of payware products.

Utilising the latest 2D and 3D design techniques allows the NZA inhouse team to recreate scenery projects accurately and faithfully both inside and out. Using a physically based rendering workflow, you can be sure NZA freeware products will look brilliant now and into the future.

Handcrafted Airport – NZNR, Napier Airport – North Island, New Zealand

Napier is located in Hawke’s Bay on the eastern coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

Napier is a popular tourist city, with a unique concentration of 1930s Art Deco architecture, built after much of the city was razed in the 1931 Hawke’s Bay earthquake, which rose the land 2m allowing for space to develop areas including the Napier Airport.


  • 1900 + Hand placed objects
  • Custom Buildings
    – ATC Tower
    – Hawke’s Bay Air Ambulance Centre and Jet Centre
    – Air Napier Charters
    – ABB, FCL, Red Airworx Logos on buildings.
    – Mitre 10 Mega
  • Custom road signs, etc.
  • Napier Port and Marine Parade Scenery including the Napier Sound Shell as a Landmark
  • 4K Texturing with LODs
  • Aerial Imagery from Land Information NZ Aerial Imagery licensed under Creative Commons 4.0


  • Runway
    • 45 x 1750m Sealed Asphalt Runway 16/34
    • 30 x 600+600m Sealed/grass Runway 07/25
    • 35 x 776m Grass Runway
  • Accurate Runway, Approach and PAPI lights
  • Accurate parking and gate positions matching real world charts
  • Taxiway Edge lights
  • Apron lighting

Download Size – 1.17GB
Installed Size – 1.26GB

Requires the NZA Model Library

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