NZRA – Raglan

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NZRA, Raglan – North Island, New Zealand

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Add-on

  • 3800 + Hand placed objects
  • 50+ Unique Assets



NZRA, Raglan Aerodrome – North Island, New Zealand

Raglan is a small beachside town located 48 km west of Hamilton. It is known for its surfing, and volcanic black sand beaches.
Also many recreational boats use the area, perfect for flights using float-planes and amphibious light sports aircraft.


  • 3800 + Hand placed objects
  • 50+ Unique Assets
  • Raglan Aerodrome with its grass strip situated on the peninsula within the Raglan inlet.
  • Water Spawn Points for Floatplanes
  • Raglan Foot Bridge with true to life night lighting.
  • Kopua Domain Store (Jo’s Takeaways), Skatepark and the Public Toilets with the real artwork on the walls.
  • Raglan Wharf with “The Silos” Apartments
  • Raglan Holiday Park with Tents, Caravans, Playgrounds and more.
  • High Resolution texturing and 10²km of high resolution aerial imagery.
  • Biome enhancements to recreate the environment to match the look and feel of real life

Installed Size – 1.14GB (Download Size – 990MB)

Requires the NZA Model Library

Thanks to:

– NZA Beta Team

NZA Simulation’s freeware aims to be at a quality level that you can trust and may be better than alot of payware products.

Utilising the latest 2D and 3D design techniques allows the NZA inhouse team to recreate scenery projects accurately and faithfully both inside and out. Using a physically based rendering workflow, you can be sure NZA freeware products will look brilliant now and into the future.

2 reviews for NZRA – Raglan

  1. British Avgeek (verified owner)

    Awesome bit of scenery – really detailed and love the textures especially of the bridge at night. Fantastic freeware for MSFS and very immersive – perfect for VFR exploration and I would imagine it’s incredible for VR users too

  2. RinoStoof (verified owner)

    This is soooo cool, I love it. So recent to! The new traffic island into the camping ground has only just gone in!
    When I was there some days ago I did notice they have added more fencing along the runway. Almost as if they are restricting the planes. I do understand there is a negative vibe towards the field from the locals as it has no commercial value to them. I seriously hope they won’t shut it down..
    Thank you so much for this, wonderful job!!

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