YMHB – Hobart


YMHB, Hobart – Australia, Tasmania

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Add-on – PC Edition

  • 8800+ Hand placed objects
  • 250+ Custom assets
  • 41 Unique custom buildings

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YMHB, Hobart Airport – Australia, Tasmania

Hobart Airport (YMHB) is Tasmania’s major passenger terminal with over 60% off all domestic travel into the state. Located on a narrow peninsula just over the road from Hobart’s original Cambridge Aerodrome (YCBG) the airport offers stunning views as both arriving and departing flight paths are over the water.

Hobart Airport was opened in 1956 and privatised in 1998, the location on the peninsula is ideal as the airport can operate without curfew to help facilitate the 10 airlines and roughly 2.7 million passengers that use Hobart airport annually.


  • 8800 + Hand placed objects
  • 250 + Custom assets
  • 41 Unique custom buildings
  • Static B717-2BL (VH-YQW, the tassie devil) QantasLink; discover Tasmania special livery
  • Static Qantas Freight 737-300
  • Fuel farm, maintenance and GA hangers, storage sheds and fire station all recreated along with the main terminal
  • Fully modelled terminal interior
  • New custom ground imagery, faithfully created from the ground up pixel by pixel
  • Mix of UHD and HD textures with multiple LODs to achieve next level detail whilst maximising performance.
  • Custom animations
  • Fully featured airside and landside
  • Accurate taxiway names and markings tested and compatible with default AI and ATC
  • Airport area biome enhancements to recreate the environment to match the look and feel of the peninsula’s pine plantations and native bush
  • Night Lighting, including emissive textures


  • Runway 12/30
    • 45x2727m Sealed Asphalt
    • Accurate Runway, Approach and PAPI lights
  • Accurate parking and gate position with wing spans matching real world charts
  • Taxiway centreline lights
  • Apron lighting

Download Size – 1.2GB
Installed Size – 1.9GB

NOTE: This scenery now requires the free NZA Model Library

We recommend that you have our YCBG – Cambridge also as they are designed to work together.

Thanks to:

– NZA Beta Team
– Chris & Tony (Coxo and Toxo)
– Dave Dunbar and Will Flint
– Blair
– Susie from Federal Group
– Samuel and Travis
– Hobart Airport Socials Team
– Luke Bailey

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